Nice Bristols take on Bikram

When you think of Italy what comes to mind? The scorching sun, fabulous food and, of course, the World Ultimate Club Championships. It’s fair to say that the ladies of Nice Bristols are experts in sampling all kinds of food, but how will we cope with playing intense games of ultimate in the baking hot Italian sun?

Two words: Bikram Yoga.

Bikram yoga is essentially yoga in 40C heat, and for the past 2 months Nice Bristols have been attending weekly sessions at Bikram Yoga Bristol. The staff there have welcomed us, warned us it’s normal to feel sick, told us to have our legs like lampposts, and pushed us further, more further, and way further than we’d expected.

Some of our teammates had done Bikram Yoga before, but most of us were new to it. Walking into the first session we didn’t quite know what to expect other than knowing it was going to be hot. And we were right:

“Never knew I could sweat so much!”

“I am still fascinated by the amount of sweat I can produce!”

Instantly there is a constant battle with the heat and that’s just from lying on your mat. But there is something oddly satisfying about sweating so much.

As well as finding out about our body’s ability to produce copious amounts of sweat, attending classes regularly has already increased our flexibility. Proof is in the positions where we can stretch further than we did the previous week:

“I definitely feel like I’m improving with every session which is a great feeling!”

This increase in flexibility comes from always challenging and pushing our bodies through the different positions. It’s hard work to hold-keep holding-push further-the instructors still talking-when are they going to stop talking-stretch further-ok last push-phew I’m done. And repeat all over again. It’s no easy ride.

“I remember near the end thinking, oh my god, this is so hard, I can’t do that ,but managed to push myself really hard and did it!”

“I’m always glad I continued on even when it was difficult. When I want to give up I translate the challenge into playing D in a sudden death point at Worlds – no choice but to push through.”

This sums up our mantra of ‘be comfortable with being uncomfortable’. If we don’t push ourselves then how do expect to be our best?

We push ourselves every session both physically and mentally, learning that it’s “mind over matter”, and aiding concentrations levels in our training sessions:

“I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my ability to concentrate more during hot weather and to think about decisions more clearly”

“Bikram is a great way to improve my ability to cope with paying in hot weather”

Despite the 90 minutes of hard work, we come out of the sessions feeling energised, more aligned, and relaxed. Within our hectic week of training sessions, gym sessions, and sprint sessions, along with working or studying full time, Bikram Yoga is a great place to relax the mind, while still putting our bodies through it’s paces and reaping the benefits. Thank you Bikram Yoga Bristol for supporting our journey to worlds! Bring on the sun!