A Blog from Down Under - Kathryn Hind (Feb 2014)

Here is a blog from our ‘Aussie Destroyer’, Kat, about training for Worlds, whilst being on the other side of the world!

We can’t wait for Kat to come back.


Less than a week after Nice Bristols’ epic (and successful!) campaign to qualify for Worlds, I was flying home to Australia. I had a fresh nephew to meet, a visa to sort out and some money to earn. I sat on the plane and replayed some of the key points of our last game (in my head, not in the aisle), the moments when my teammates stepped up and played the game we needed to play to earn our spot at Worlds. I knew then that I’d be going back.

I’m currently playing with the Canberra women’s team, Factory. I’m so lucky to be able to play with inspiring, fun women on both sides of the world. I train several times a week and I’ve lifted the intensity of everything I do, driven by an awareness that what I put in is what I’ll get out. I know my Nice Bristols teammates are slogging it out over there in England in preparation for Worlds, and I don’t want to let them down.

Training in Australia is certainly different to training with Nice Bristols. It’s completely acceptable to own no waterproof clothing and to use garbage bags to protect my belongings during the two times it’s rained. The novelty of my being Australian has disappeared; my Nice Bristols nickname ‘Aussie Destroyer’ really dilutes over here, and I’m suddenly not as funny. Without my Nice Bristols teammate Em, I’ve no one to compete with for ‘who’s the sweatiest’. Her dripping face was always a joy to see, but now I stand alone, winning in my own sweat puddle.


I’m working on my role as ‘puppy’ in a zone, and a new nickname has developed: ‘Katdog’. I’m learning how to pull and I’ve also learnt how one of my Nice Bristols teammates, Lesley, performs one of her token cuts. I don’t know why I had to come thousands of miles to work out how she does it, but I did. Watch out Lezzers, I’m practising your secret weapon.

It’s pretty bloody hot sometimes. I’m hoping this will prepare me for the potential heat of Italy at Worlds. We had a training camp here a couple of weeks ago in 38ºC, and on another occasion league organisers sent round precautionary advice about playing in extreme heat following a few days of above 40ºC.

I have three more Australian tournaments to play including Nationals, then I’ll be back in England for the beginning of the Nice Bristols season in May. I often wish I was with my Nice Bristols teammates, placing bets on hip thrusts at the gym, baking fundraising cakes, being battered by weather, but the best I can do is to just work really hard. Sore muscles give me a feeling of solace and solidarity; I sprint the last leg of my cycle home from training, and when I’m fatigued and my legs are aching, I think of the moments that will happen just like that on pitch in Italy. For myself and for the rest of my team, I plan on being prepared.

Flying Discs and Doctoring - Miranda Cole (Feb 2014)

A sneak peak into the weekly life of Miranda; our junior doctor and super smiley player. How does she do it all…..?



Yawn…. time to get up. I’m going to get a lift in to the hospital today rather than cycle so that if I finish on time I’ll have a chance of making it to track this evening.

Monday is a crazy busy day; consultant ward rounds, a multitude of tests and investigations to order for my patients on the Gastroenterology ward. I grab a lunch-break to keep the energy levels up, I’m feeling ever more hungry since starting this fitness regime for Worlds…! It’s another non-stop afternoon. 5pm approaches….still not finished on the ward….6pm…I’m still working… finally I leave at 6:30pm and sit in traffic so I don’t make it home until gone 7pm.

I should have cycled!

I’ve missed track. But instead I eat a good dinner then bash out a yoga session in front of the TV. My housemates look at me as if I’m a bit mad - ‘just sit down and relax!’


Going to cycle to work today. 45 minutes up and down some steep hills, trying to do the interval training when the traffic lights don’t slow me down! Arrive in to work around 8.30am. Workings away seeing patients, talking to relatives, take blood tests, meetings and teaching sessions.

Finish at 6pm today and cycle home. Feeling good but tired.

The girls are at the gym but I won’t make it there in time so I eat dinner first and then head down to my local gym at 9pm. Funny time to go but feels good to get my first session done for the week, and may not have the chance later this week so gotta seize it now!


Another hectic day on the wards. Get a lift home and have ten minutes to cook some pasta, change and grab a water bottle before being picked up to go to training. Eat pasta in the car! (sorry about the waft of pesto guys!) Feeling tired and a bit stressed out.

Then get stuck into a brilliant training session. Fitness with the girls then drills and matches with the boys. Disgusting rain and freezing conditions; morale could be poor but it’s so nice to see everyone - these girls are the reason I do this! 2 hours later I’m feeling exhausted but glad I made it.


Cycle in to work - legs are feeling heavy up those hills (Should I be eating better?! more protein maybe?!).

Feeling achy on the wards today. One of the Nurses asks me how my evening was last night. I tell her I went to Frisbee training and she raises her eyebrows and laughs - no time to explain the rules now but I promise I’ll fill her in another time.

Late finish today - 7pm when I finally leave the ward, and the cycle home seems to take ages… I’ll have to have a night off tonight. Eat a good dinner and relax with my boyfriend.


Always a crazy day. 8am start and I don’t leave until half 6 again. Thank goodness it’s the weekend!


I haven’t managed to do either of the set conditioning sessions yet this week so my precious lie-in is cut short and I’m off to the chilly downs doing interval training. Might then go to the gym at lunchtime, then have a lazy Sunday but do another yoga session in the evening. If training is on a weekend that would have been a priority but otherwise I’ll try to fit the sessions in around the rest of my weekend activities. Phew! Just when the week is finished, around comes Monday again…

All of this is for the World Club Championships. Italy. 2014. The sound of it is glamorous and exciting and terrifying all at once.


I’m currently working as a Junior Doctor in Bristol. Medics are often a sporty bunch, but starting work is often the point at which their physical fitness takes a back seat, and the temptation is to claim the ‘Doctor-card’ when justifying spending what’s left of your evening on the sofa. Whilst this has been a struggle for me, I also have found that training and playing with Nice Bristols has been my lifeline to the ‘non-medic’ world.

On a Frisbee pitch no-one cares what job you do, how many hours you work, or what responsibility you hold. Thinking about where to run next, how to beat my defender, or how to improve my throws is the only thing that’s in my head at that moment, and 9 times out of 10 I feel mentally refreshed and stronger after fitness/training/a match (honestly!). I think my housemates think I’m a bit manic sometimes when I choose to cycle in to work in the rain rather than get a lift, or go to the gym after a night shift, but I just keep thinking how hard the rest of the team are working and I don’t want to let them down.

My Nice Bristol teammates have been incredible. I often can’t commit to things until my rota comes through, and have had to cancel meeting at the gym last minute, or miss training altogether because of night or on call shifts. I find it difficult not being able to get into a weekly routine, and feel a little bit jealous sometimes when I see on Facebook if the girls have worked through a tough session together at the gym or track, because it feels harder going it alone. But I still find it inspiring hearing about everyone else’s hard work; how people have got up and gone to the gym before work on a Monday (A MONDAY!), made two car loads of cakes for a bake sale fundraiser AND played a full tournament that weekend, or run track on a freezing January evening in the rain.

All this spurs me on to give it absolutely everything I can. I know my team are doing the same. Come August 2nd-9th 2014, Lecco, Italy, we will be ready. BRING IT ON!