WORLDS! SAY WHAT?! - Sophie Peters (May 2014)

Here is a blog from our feisty whippet Speeters.

I first heard about the tournament during my first AGM with Nice Bristols in 2012. Before this I didn’t really know much about tournaments outside of Uni or Tour!

The ambitious goals and two year plan set out left me feeling super pumped and keen to play more Ultimate with Nice Bristols! However, I was just finishing my degree and had no idea where I would be in two years’ time – but I knew I wanted to be involved! I was really excited to be part of the team and was looking forward to playing at Euros, in Frankfurt, later that year.

The following summer I continued to travel across the country to train with Bristol (wishing I lived closer). I played with them for Mixed Tour and Nice Bristols for Toms Tourney (ace tournament where we came third!) but had plans to volunteer in Iceland after Tour 1. I was gutted to miss out on what I knew would be an amazing season for Nice Bristols, but I needed to figure out what I wanted to do, and so put my time into some conservation.


While I was away on my endeavours every now and then I kept an eye on social media and the girls’ progress. I was ecstatic for them when they won tour and qualified for Euros 2013! When the time came for the tournament I couldn’t afford to go -time wise or funds. I was so proud and so pleased when they qualified for Worlds! I was seeing all their hard work and preparation fall into place, right from that AGM. I was sad to miss out, but I was still working on my own journey.

Lucky for me, everything started to come together at the right time. I secured an internship at Bath and North East Somerset Council, on the sustainability team, just before Christmas! Woop- I was moving to Bristol!!

In early 2014, I knew the girls would be upping preparations and sorting out the final team and costs for Worlds. I got back to training and showed my passion for this team and the sport at a trial session (for those that didn’t play Euros). I wasn’t sure I’d make the team because I had been away for a while- I was buzzing when they said I was allowed to play. Ahhhhhhhhh.

From then to now it has been hard work. My training schedule has been frequent, but all over the place, squeezing in those weights and sprints whenever I had time. Between my voluntary position at the council and working with various charities and organisations AND working part-time in retail it has been a struggle. But I like being busy and wouldn’t have it any other way; I feel the benefits and can’t wait for the season to begin! I love being part of Nice Bristols.


I am so grateful for all the hard fundraising we have put in and to all the people who donated as I’m still trying to get on my feet. I wouldn’t be able to be involved in this adventure if it wasn’t for your help. Thanks again.

Bring on Tour 1!!!

SPeters #75